斗 a wine ladle

斗 a wine ladle

斗, a pictographic character of a wine ladle, serves as a semantic as well as a phonetic component to form characters.

In modern Chinese斗means:

1.a fight
2.to contend; to compete with
3.to pieces fit together
4.a unit of dry measure equal to 1 decaliter
5.a dipper-like bin measuring 1 “dou”
6.an object resembling a dipper or cup

斗 serves as a semantic component to express meanings related to cup, dipper, ladle, or measuring equipment, etc.

Characters formed by the semantic component 斗

科 料 斢 斜 戽 斞 斝 魁 斛 斟  kē liào tiǎo xié hù yǔ jiǎ kuí hú zhēn

笔划 汉字 拼音 笔划 汉字 拼音
4 dòu,dǒu 7 shēng
10 liào 10 jiǎ
11 11 xié
12 jiǎ 12
13 zhēn 14
14 jiào 15 tiǎo
17 dòu

Characters formed by the phonetic component 斗

抖 蚪 枓 唞 阧 钭 乧 with the same pronunciation dǒu

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