Component 云 cloud

云, a pictographic character of cloud, serves as phonetic component to form characters. 云 also serves as semantic component to form few characters.

Characters formed by the phonetic component 云

动 dòng、层 céng、坛 tán、运 yùn、酝 yùn、耺 yíng、纭 yún、眃yún、昙 tán、呍 yún、囩 yún、枟 yùn、芸 yún、秐 yún、耘 yún、抎 yǔn、夽 yǔn、伝 yún 、妘 yún、沄 yún、忶 hún、凨 fēng、魂 hún、澐 yún、

纭  芸 耘  妘 沄 囩  眃 秐  耺 have the same pronunciation yún

运酝枟 have the same pronunciation yùn

Characters formed by the semantic component 云

叆叇 ài dài

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