Component 圭 tablet of jade

圭, a compound ideographic character of a tablet of jade, used for sacrifices or funerals. 圭 can serves as semantic as well as phonetic component to form characters.

Characters formed by the phonetic component 圭

挂  桂  佳  街  娃  蛙  鞋  闺  硅  畦  洼  奎  哇  诖  鲑  跬  眭  罣  絓  茥  珪  胿  窐  袿  筀  觟  黊  蘳  銈  晆  徍  漥  烓  厓

Characters formed by the semantic component 圭

封  卦  恚  邽  刲  郌  劸  鼃  奊

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