Component 夫 adult male

Component 夫 adult male

夫, a pictographic character of an adult male, mainly serves as phonetic component to form characters. 夫 also serves as semantic component to form few compound ideographic characters.

扶 肤 芙 麸 畉 呋 趺

Characters formed by the phonetic component 夫

肤 呋 妋 麸 鈇 邞 衭 荴 畉 玞 枎 夫 呋 趺 邞 鳺 酜 with the same pronunciation fū

扶 芙 颫 枎 with the same pronunciation fú

Characters formed by the semantic component 夫

替 辇 规 鄻 賛 tì niǎn guī liǎn zàn


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