Component 文 tattoo

Component 文 tattoo

文, a pictographic character of tattoo, now expressed by 纹. Bone and bronze inscriptions of 文 depict a man with a tattooed chest. 文 serves as semantic as well as phonetic component to form characters. Characters formed by the semantic component have to do with texture, pattern, etiquette, courtesy, etc.

See also 反文旁:攵 

Characters formed by the phonetic component 文

 wén, wén, fén, lìn, mǐn, wěn, wén, mín, mín, wén, wèn, wén, wén, wèn, wén, mín, wén, wén, méi, qín, mín, wěn, mín, mín, qián, mǐn

Characters formed by the semantic component 文

4 文 wén, 7 斈 xué,

8 斌 bīn, 8 斉 qí, 10 斋 zhāi,

10 斊 qí, 11 斍 jué,

11 斏 láng, 11 斎 zhāi,

12 斑 bān, 12 斌 bīn,

12 斐 fěi, 13 斒 bān,

16 斓 lán, 18 斔 yǔ,

14 﨎 shuang 24 斖 wěi,

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