Different sounds of birds in Chinese

Different sounds of birds in Chinese

There are various words for the natural sounds of many things such as birds, insects, etc. This kind of words are called onomatopoetic words. In this article, we learn different sounds of birds in Chinese. 

喳喳 zhā zhā, twittering sound of birds.


There are magpies twittering in the eucalyptus trees. 

啁啾 zhōu jiū, chattering sound of birds

啁啾One bird chirped, all the birds began to sing.

呖呖 lì lì, chirping sound of birds


The Orioles are warbling.

嘤嘤 yīng yīng, sound of birds


The gardens blazed with colour and throbbed with birdsong.

噌 cēng, sound of birds


The sparrow whizzed up into a tree.

哑哑 yā yā, caw of birds especially crows


The subsong of young birds is comparable to the babbling that human infants do before they learn to speak.

嘎嘎 gā gā, quacking sound of ducks or wild gooses

鸭子嘎嘎叫。The duck quacks.

咕咕 gū gū, cooing sound of a dove

鸽子在林中咕咕啼鸣。The doves were cooing in the trees.

啾啾 jiū jiū, chirping sound of many birds together


The birds chirp merrily at the top of tree.

咯咯 gē gēclucking sound of a hen

A speckled hen swaggered down the main street of the “settlement”,
cackling foolishly.

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