Family-related vocabulary

Family-related vocabulary

How many people are there in your family? 你家有几口人?Love our family and learn the family-related vocabulary

relations, relatives, kinfolk, kin 亲属

my family 我家

my people 我家人

next of kin 近亲

family life 家庭生活

caste 社会地位

generation 代

branch 支, 系

tribe 部族, 部落

clan 氏族

race, breed 种族

lineage 宗族, 世系

stock 门第, 血统

of noble birth 贵族出身

of humble birth 平民出身

dynasty 朝代

origin 出身

ancestry 祖先, 先辈

ancestors, forebears, forefathers 祖先

extraction 家世

descent, offspring 后代, 后辈

descendants 后代, 晚辈

progeny, issue 后裔

succession 继续

consanguinity, blood relationship 血缘

kinsmen by blood 血亲

affinity 姻亲关系, 嫡戚关系

kinsmen by affinity 姻亲

blood 血

family tree 家谱







uncle 姨夫 叔叔 姑父 舅舅

aunt 姨母 姑姑 婶婶 舅妈

mother 母亲

father 父亲

mother-in-law婆婆 岳母

father-in-law公公 岳父

cousin (表,堂)姐妹 兄弟

sister-in-law 嫂子,弟妹,小姑

brother 兄弟

sister 姐妹

wife 妻子

husband 丈夫

brother-in-law 大伯,小叔,姐夫,妹夫

nephew 侄子

niece 侄女

son-in-law 女婿

daughter 女儿

son 儿子

daughter-in-law 媳妇

grandson 孙子

granddaughter 孙女

great-grandson (外)曾孙


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