Formula of 不得了


“不得了” that has the same meaning as “死了” in regard to the meaning “so/very/extremely”. Surely, we have the formula for you to learn easily. 

Formula of 不得了

Adjective + 得 + 不得了 = very/so/extremely adjective


累得不得了 very/so/extremely tired

But Dad was so exhausted when he came home from work.

I’ve had so much to eat I feel absolutely bloated. I’ve had so much to eat I feel absolutely bloated.我吃得过多, 肚子胀得不得了.

He is very cocky, his tail sticking high up in the air.

She felt so terrible when she heard the bad news.

He is ever so angry.

I mean, we could flip a coin for it, but I would probably win again. I’m incredibly lucky you know. Especially with girls.

I was so excited that my friends looked at me as if I were crazy, and I think I was. 我激动得不得了,我的朋友们都看著我,就好像我疯了。

When you see that your kids are unselfish, you’re very happy with that.

I’ve been completely stressed out, trying to win the contract.

“不得了” and ”死了“ have the same meaning, don’t forget to check the formula of 死了.

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