Formulas of 传

Formulas of 传

The original meaning of 传 is post-chaise or stagecoach. Other meanings closely related to its original meaning were derived.

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In this post, we share a very commonly used formula of 传

You must have watched or heard of some of these famous television series, 甄嬛传 Legend of Zhenhuan, 芈月传 Legend of Miyue, 白蛇传 Legend of the White Snake, etc. In all the names of these television series, 传 is pronounced zhuàn.

When 传 is pronounced zhuàn, it has three special formulas.

Formulas of 传

An author + 传 = commentary of this author on certain classics, e.g 《春秋公羊传》Th commentary of Gongyang on Chunqiu/the Spring and Autumn Annals; 《左传》Commentary of Zuo on Chunqiu/the Spring and Autumn Annals

A famous person + 传 = biography of this person, for example, 林肯 Lincon + 传 = Biography of Lincoln

A person, place or thing + 传 = The Story/legend of the person, place or thing, for example, 甄嬛 Zhenhuan + 传 = The Legend of Zhenhuan

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