Very frequently used Chinese classifiers and examples

Very frequently used Chinese classifiers and examples

Chinese classifiers, also called measures words or quantifiers, are one of the most difficult points in Chinese learning. Here are some frequently-used classifiers with examples.

Chinese classifiers

瓶, objects in bottle, vial, or flask. usually not too large so that people can take by hands, e.g. 一瓶水,一瓶药,一瓶饮料

包, used for: 1. flat objects, cards, slices of bread, etc. e.g. 一包面包  2.objects in packet or pouch, e.g. 一包香烟,一包饼干

台, household goods, heavy objects, electrical appliances, machines, performances, e.g. 一台洗衣机,一台电视机,一台机器,一台演出,一台表演

部, used for: 1. literature works, novels, movies, TV dramas 一部作品,一部小说,一部电影,一部电视剧
2. used in machinery or vehicles, e.g. 一部机器,一部跑车  3. mobile phones 一部手机

口, used for: 1. family population, e.g. 五口人   2. food, breath, etc. e.g. 一口饭,一口气   3. objects with round mouth, e.g. 一口锅,一口钟,一口井

股, used for: 1. gas, odor, smoke, smell, air, e.g. 一股气味,一股烟   2. strength, influence, e.g. 一股力量,一股影响力

条, used for: 1. thin, long or narrow thing, e.g. 一条腿,一条辫子,一条鱼   2.  roads or rivers, e.g. 一条路,一条河   3. plots, news, suggestions, e.g. 一条妙计,一条新闻,一条建议   4. pertaining to human lives, 一条人命

座, used for building, large or fixed objects, e.g. 一座高楼,一座山,一座灯塔

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