Prefix 可 and its formula

Typical formation of Chinese adjectives, formula of character "可"

The character 可 can act as a prefix to turn verbs into adjectives. Check out the magical formula of 可.

Today we are going to learn more words about this formula. 可 is really lovable because it can turn out many adjectives by attaching itself to verbs. 我真的很喜欢“可”这个字,因为它可以变出好多词来。言归正传,就让我们看看它还能变出什么词来呢。

The formula of the prefix 可
可 + verb = the adjective of this verb, e.g 可 + 靠 rely = 可靠 reliable; 可 + 爱 love = 可爱 lovable; etc


可 kě + 回收 huí shō recycle = 可回收 recyclable

可 kě + néng can; be able to; be capable of = 可能 kě néng possible; probable

可 kě + 用 yòng use = 可用 kě yòng usable

可 kě + 行 xíng work; do; conduct = 可行 kěxíng workable; feasible

可 kě + 笑 xiào laugh = 可笑 kě xiào laughable; funny; ridiculous

可 kě +  惜 xī regret = 可惜 kě xī regrettable

可 kě + 怜 lián pity = 可怜 kě lián pitiful

可 kě+ 鄙 bǐ despise = 可鄙 kě bǐ despicable

可 kě + 气 qì annoy =可气  kě qì annoying

可 kě +恶 wù hate = 可恶 kě wù hateable

可 kě +折叠 zhé dié fold = 可折叠 kě zhé dié foldable; collapsible

可 kě +再用 zài yòng reuse = 可再用 reusable

Do you know any other words regarding this formula of 可?Just think more, explore more, and learn more…

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