Radical silk纟

Radical silk 纟

Have you seen a Chinese knot 中国结? Maybe someone can even make one. Why 结?As you know, a Chinese knot is made of cords, silk, or threads, etc. Speaking of the name of 结, we like to share with you a very important radical silk 纟.

As you can see from the picture, the radical silk 纟 is derived from the image of a rope/cord. Characters with 纟have such meanings:

1. Things like fiber, silk, fabrics, rope, thread, clothing, etc. e.g. 丝 silk, 绳 rope, etc.
2. Actions related to the things mentioned above, e.g. 织 weave, 缝 sew, etc.
3. Extended meanings related to the things mentioned above, e.g. 红 red, 级 level, etc.

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