Suffix 上 and its formula

Suffix 上 and its formula

This time we are going to learn the suffix 上 and its formula. 

This use of 上 is very important, because it can form a new verb or new meaning of the same verb. And then you will understand better the difference between an action verb and a verb to express completion or result in Chinese.

Formula of 上

a verb + 上 = the completion or result of this verb

登上山顶 reach the summit  登山 climb a mountain

be admitted to a college 考上大学  考大学 take the university entrance examination

穿上大衣 put on a coat  穿大衣 putting on a coat

她爱上了他。She’s fallen in love with him  她爱他 she loves him/she is loving him

门锁上了 the door is/has been locked  锁门 to lock the door/locking the door

追上 catch up with  追 pursue, run after

You feel the difference of the meanings before and after 上 is used?

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