Component 兹 two strands of twisted silk

In oracle bone script and seal script, 兹 depicts two strands of twisted silk. It is the cognate of 丝. In clerical script, 艹 is added to express the meaning that the grass grows like strands of silk.  Continue reading “Component 兹 two strands of twisted silk”

Component 于 airflow passing obstacles

于 is a pictographic character. In oracle bone, the character depicts the airflow passing obstacles. For its original meaning, there are also other different versions. 于 serves as a phonetic component to form characters. Continue reading “Component 于 airflow passing obstacles”

Component 建 legislate

建 is a compound ideographic character, composed of 廴 and 聿.  廴 means walking and suggest the meaning of action; 聿 means writing brush and suggest the meaning of the law; hence 建 means “to establish the law/legislate”. 建 serves as phonetic component to form characters.  Continue reading “Component 建 legislate”