Ten people work together

Ten people work together

Ten people work together, and they all have to contribute to achieve the aim. Teamwork really counts! I’m a character for teamwork. Check me out!


办 (办 includes 力 )


The must- learn word related to 协

The first thing for me to learn 协 is to consider if it can combine with 力 to form another word or phrase. 力协 or 协力…two ways to check which one exists or both exist:

1. Just try to type in 搜狗拼音 which is my default Chinese input…type in pin yin “li xie”…can’t find 力协. Try “xie li”…yeah! 协力 appears exactly in the first…So, this word exists in Chinese.

2. Check 力协 and 协力 respectively in my dictionary for example 汉典 to see which one exists. The result is just the same as that of the first one

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