Top five set phrases for sad

Being sad is one of our emotions. The degree of sadness can be different. These five set phrases have the strongest degree for sadness. 

痛不欲生 [tòng bú yù shēng] be overwhelmed with sorrow

She cried her heart out after her husband had passed away.

心如刀割 [xīn rú dāo gē] feel as if a knife were piercing one’s hear

Since he left, she’s been sitting at home eating her heart out.

肝肠寸断[gān cháng cùn duàn] overwhelmed by grief; sorrow-stricken

The death of his wife broke him completely.

悲痛欲绝[bēi tòng yù jué] be extremely grieved

With grief at the news of his son’s death in an accident.

悲不自胜[bēi bú zì shèng] be overcome with grief

I believe her heart broke even more deeply than mine.

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