丁 a nail

丁 a nail

丁, a pictographic character of a nail, serves as a phonetic component to form characters.  

In modern Chinese, 丁 means:

1.[Formal] an able-bodied man
2.members of a family; population
3.the fourth
4.fruit, vegetables, or meat cut into small cubes
5.the “suffix” in certain job names

Characters formed by the phonetic component 丁

订/訂 盯 钉/訂 叮 酊 玎 仃 疔 奵 帄 虰 靪 耵 dīng
忊 矴 饤/飣 忊 dìng
耓 汀 厅/廳  庁 町 艼 tīng
邒 tíng
圢 甼 tǐng
灯/燈 dēng
顶/頂 dǐng

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