想要 VS 需要 VS 将要 VS 就要 VS 快要

想要 VS 需要 VS 将要 VS 就要 VS 快要

想要, 需要, 将要, 就要, and 快要 are five frequently used words of 要. They have different uses. Find out how to use each of them correctly. 

想要 and 需要 are similar, but 想要 means “want something; feel like to do/want to do something, intend, wish, etc.”, and 需要 means “need, demand, claim, require, etc.”

将要, 就要 and 快要 all can express the meaning of “be going to, be about to, etc”.


want; feel like to

I want to go to China. 我想要去中国。

As a customer, you identify the book you want by using only the retrieval system. 作为一个读者,你通过使用检索系统确定自己想要的书。

I’d really like to see the details of the economics of this spelled out and may try to winnow it out of the info on Sen. Obama’s web site.


need; demand; claim; requirement, etc.

I need a new book. 需要一本新书。

To satisfy one’s needs. 满足某人的需要

All idioms must be learned; good idioms need to be learned only once. 所有的习惯用法都需要学习;好的习惯用法只需要学一次。


be about to; be going to; be on the verge of, will, shall

He is coming to Thailand. 他将要来泰国。

It means that printers who prepare mail are going to be involved with a lot of change over the next couple of years. 这意味着,打印机谁编写的邮件将要涉及很多的变化,在未来的几年。


be going to; be about to; be to; will; shall

火车就要出发了。The train is about to start.

飞机就要起飞了。The plane is about to take off. 

We’re trying to introduce you to what I believe is the most wonderful part, youbeing able to talk in your natural voice to Milo. 现在我就要向你们介绍我认为最神奇的部分,你可以用自己平日里说话的方式和米洛进行交谈。


be about to; be going to; be on the point of

快要下雨了。It’s about to rain.

这家公司快要破产了。The company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The bank helped finance the rebuilding of what was otherwise a dying community. 那家银行帮助筹资重建了一个原本快要垮了的社区。

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