用 a big bell

用 a big bell

用, a pictographic character representing a big bell used in the past which functioned as a musical instrument. 用 mainly serves as a phonetic component to form characters, but it can also serve as a semantic component.

In modern Chinese,用 means: use, employ, apply, operate. 用 serves as a semantic component to express meanings related to clock, usefulness, etc.

Characters formed by the semantic component用

甬甩甫甭甮甯甪 yǒng shuǎi fǔ béng fèng níng lù

笔划 汉字 拼音 笔划 汉字 拼音
5 shuǎi 5 yòng
6 7
7 yǒng 9 béng
9 béng 12 níng

Characters formed by the phonetic component 用

拥 庸 墉 痈 慵 傭 佣 鳙 鄘 牗 槦 滽 牅  yōng
勇 蛹 甬 镛 俑 湧 踊 涌 埇 勈 恿 嫞 悀 愑 慂 踴 硧 鲬 yǒng
桶 捅 樋 tǒng
通 痛 tōng tòng
甮 甭 甪 苚 fèng béng lù yòng
嗵 熥 筩 蓪 诵 tōng tēng tóng tōng sòng

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