How to learn such words as 鬣, 鬃, 鬓, 髦, 髯, etc?

Do you know these words 鬣, 鬃, 鬓, 髦, 髯? They look very difficult? Yes, they do before you know how to decode them. Now, just take a minute to learn them! 

The key to decoding these words is 彡. When you see 彡, what meaning can you think of? Try to imagine…

彡denotes: 1. hair, beard, such as 须 . 2. light, brightness, such as 影, 彩.

Speaking of hair, 毛 can not be put aside. It combines with other characters to signify mostly things made of hair, such as 尾,笔,毯 etc.

髟, which includes 彡, originally meant an old man and beard, and later its meaning evolved into the meaning of hair. 髟 combines with other characters in an up-down structure to signify things related to hair of people or animals, such as 鬃,鬓,髦,髯.

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