24 Solar Terms in Chinese Lunar Calendar

24 Solar Terms in Chinese Lunar Calendar

节气 is the point marking one of the 24 divisions of the solar year in the traditional Chinese calendar. Do you know the 二十四节气表 24 Solar Terms in Chinese Lunar Calendar? 

立春 the Beginning of Spring (1st solar term)Feb.3,4, or 5

雨水 Rain Water (2nd solar term)Feb.18,19 or 20

惊蜇 the Waking of Insects (3rd solar term)Mar.5,6, or 7

春分 the Spring Equinox (4th solar term)Mar.20,21 or 22

清明 Pure Brightness (5th solar term)Apr.4,5 or 6

谷雨 Grain Rain (6th solar teram)Apr.19,20 or 21

立夏 the Beginning of Summer (7th solar term)May 5,6 or 7

小满 Lesser Fullness of Grain (8th solar term)May 20,21 or 22

芒种 Grain in Beard (9th solar term)Jun.5,6 or 7

夏至 the Summer Solstice (10th solar term)Jun.21 or 22

小暑 Lesser Heat (11th solar term)Jul.6,7 or 8

大暑 Greater Heat (12th solar term)Jul.22,23 or 24

立秋 the Beginning of Autumn (13th solar term)Aug.7,8 or 9

处暑 the End of Heat (14th solar term)Aug.22,23 or 24

白露 White Dew (15th solar term)Sep.7,8 or 9

秋分 the Autumn Equinox (16th solar term)Sep.22,23 or 24

寒露 Cold Dew (17th solar term)Oct.8 or 9

霜降 Frost’s Descent (18th solar term)Oct.23 or 24

立冬 the Beginning of Winter (19th solar term)Nov.7 or 8

小雪 Lesser Snow (20th solar term)Nov.22 or 23

大雪 Greater Snow (21th solar term)Dec.6,7 or 8

冬至 the Winter Solstice (22th solar term)Dec.21,22 or 23

小寒 Lesser Cold (23th solar term)Jan.5,6 or 7

大寒 Greater Cold (24th solar term)Jan.20 or 2

春季 夏季 日 期 秋季 日 期 冬季 日 期
立春 23-5 立夏 55-7 立秋 87-9 立冬 117-8
雨水 218-20 小满 520-22 处暑 822-24 小雪 1122-23
惊蛰 35-7 芒种 65-7 白露 97-9 大雪 126-8
春分 320-22 夏至 621-22 秋分 922-24 冬至 1221-23
清明 44-6 小暑 76-8 寒露 108-9 小寒 15-7
谷雨 419-21 大暑 722-24 霜降 1023-24 大寒 120-21

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