All about the use of 总

use of 总

is one of the Chinese words with multiple uses. It can act as a verb, adverb or adjective. 总 is a word used very frequently in Chinese and it’s all necessary to learn all its uses.

总 as an adverb

1. Always; consistently; invariably

人类总是会犯错误,你的用户也不例外。Humans are always making mistakes, and your users are no exception.

上课开始时,老师总要点名。The teacher always calls the roll at the beginning of the class.

他这人总能找到借口。He would invariably find some excuses.

家里总会有一个人照顾Max。Max will always have a family member to watch over him.

总是言行一致的。He consistently matches his words with his action.

2. Anyway; anyhow; after all

你今天要完成这项工作吧。Anyhow you must finish this work today.

不管花多少时间,我要完成这项工作。I’ll finish the job, no matter how long it takes.

有限的信息比完全在黑暗中无目的模索要好得多。Limited information is a always better than aimless drifting or operating completely in the dark.

有一天你会明白的。You will understand it sooner or later.

3. At least

不会那样对他吧?At least you wouldn’t treat him that way?

我们俩同居有一年了吧。We have been living together for at least one year.

总 as a verb

assemble; gather; put together; sum up

请把你刚才说的结一下。Please sum up what you said just now.

To sum up, Members were not attracted by this option. 括而言,委员会成员对此方案不表赞同。

底盘是一个用以装汽车部件的框架。The chassis is a framework used to assemble auto components on it.


Couldn’t we just count up our ballots and bring them to the courthouse?

总 as an adjective

1. General; overall; main; total; all; whole

第二,我们认为今年的形势还看不准。Second, we are still not sure about this year’s overall situation.

历史发展的趋势是不可改变的. The general trend of history is unalterable.

2. General; chief; head; prime

欧洲共同市场的部所在地布鲁塞尔是座美丽的城市。Brussels, which is the headquarters of the Common Market, is an attractive city.

他将继续留在公司经理这个不好坐的位子上。He is to remain in the hot seat as chief executive.

书记可以在一些官方仪式上代表主席。The general secretary may represent the president at official ceremonies.

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