Same characters in different order BA≠AB but BA is related to AB

BA≠AB but BA is related to AB

In the Chinese language, there are some words composed of two characters (AB )and if the order of the characters is reversed (BA), the meaning of BA will be different but still related to that of AB. 

BA≠AB but BA is related to AB


人名  person’s name 名人 famous person

故事 a story; a tale 事故 a trouble; an accident

虫害 an insect pest; a plague of vermin 害虫 pest

带领 lead 领带 tie

海上 sea 上海 Shanghai

文盲 illiterate 盲文 Braille

痴情 blind passion; blind love 情痴 love maniac

蛋鸡 laying hen 鸡蛋 egg

肉猪 slaughter pig  猪肉 pork

国外 overseas; abroad 外国 foreign; alien; a foreign country

官宦 government official 宦官 eunuch

云彩 cloud 彩云 rosy clouds

报喜 announce good news  喜报 good news

开放 open 放开 let go

向导 guide 导向 lead to

现实 reality 实现 realize

气节 moral integrity 节气 solar terms

计算 calculate  算计 to scheme; to plot (against)

面相 physiognomy; face  相面 practise physiognomy

愿意 be willing 意愿 wish

上马 mount a horse; start; make a start on 马上 immediately; right away

动乱 a turmoil; disorder; upheaval; unrest 乱动  mess around with; bang about; fiddle with; meddle with

当家 to be in charge of household; to be in charge of day-to-day affairs; to manage the house; to rule the roost  家当 family belongings; family property

质变 qualitative change 变质 to go bad; to deteriorate; to spoil; to go off

调情 flirt  情调 sentiment; a mood; taste; an emotional appeal

得了 [expressing approval or prohibition] be enough; [used in declarative sentences to indicate affirmation]  了得 [used at the end of a sentence after 还 in an exclamation] terrible; extraordinary

油菜 rape; Chinese cabbage  菜油 rapeseed oil or rape oil, also known as canola oil

人情 1.sensibilities; human sympathy; human kindness 2.favor; favoritism 3.a present  情人 a lover; a sweetheart; a gentleman friend; one’s best girl

乡下 a village; the country; countryside; a rural area  下乡 go down to the countryside


发挥 bring (skill, talent, etc.) into full play 挥发 to evaporate; to vaporize

焰火 fireworks  火焰 flame

少年 early youth; teenager 年少 youngster

雪白 snow-white 白雪 white snoe

水井 well 井水 well water

黄金 gold 金黄 golden

毒蛇 venomous snake  蛇毒 snake venom

画笔 paintbrush 笔画 strokes

生产 produce; give birth to a baby 产生 to produce; to bring; to result

名著 a famous work  著名 famous; celebrated; eminent

楼顶 top of a building  顶楼 attic, top floor

打死 beat to death  死打 death beat

女儿 daughter/s 儿女 sons and daughters

手枪 a pistol; a handgun 枪手 gunman

红火 flourishing 火红 flame-red; fiery; flaming; flamboyant; lurid

搞乱 confuse; muddle; mess up  乱搞 promiscuous; mess with; fool around

结巴 stammer 巴结 fawn on

下海 go to sea; go fishing out at sea; turn professional; leave one’s original profession and go into business  海下 underwater; undersea

收回 recover, withdraw 回收 recycle

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