Component 瓜 gourd/melon

Component 瓜 gourd/melon

瓜, gourd/melon, serves as phonetic as well as semantic component to form characters. Characters formed by the semantic component 瓜 express meanings related to melons or vine plants.

Characters formed by the phonetic component 瓜

呱 孤 菰 柧 苽 軱 箛 觚笟泒罛 the same pronunciation
狐 弧 the same pronunciation
搲 窊 攨 畖 溛 the same pronunciation

Characters formed by the semantic component 瓜

笔划 汉字 拼音 笔划 汉字 拼音
5 guā 8
10 dié 10
11 13 zhí
16 s piáo 19 bàn
22 ráng 24

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