Cooking methods 烹饪方法

Cooking methods 烹饪方法

There are numerous cooking methods for Chinese cuisine. The same thing can be cooked in different manners. Just check the following cooking methods. 

煮 boiled 如“煮咸牛肉”(Boiled Corned Beef)

煲/炖 stewed 如“清炖牛肉”(Stewed Ox Tail in Clear Soup)

烧 braised 如“红烧牛蹄” (Braised Ox Trotters in Brown Sauce)

煎 (pan-)fried 如“煎明虾” (Fried Prawns)

炒 braised 如“炒鸡丁” (Stir-Fried Chicken Dices)

爆 quick-fried 如“葱爆羊肉” (Quick-Fried Lamb with Scallion in Ginger Sauce)

炸 deep-fried 如“炸大虾”(Deep-Fried Prawns)

扒 fried and simmered 如“虾子扒海参”(Fried and Simmered Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe)

煸 sautéed 如“干煸鳝鱼”(Sautéed Eel Slices)

煨 simmered 如“煨牛肉”(Simmered Beef)

焖 braised 如“黄酒焖猪排”(Braised Pork Chops in Rice Wine)

烩 braised 如“烩鸡丝”(Braised Chicken Shreds with Peas)

熏 smoked 如“熏鱼”(Smoked Fish)

烘 baked 如“烘鸽”(Baked Pigeon)

蒸 steamed 如“蒸鲜鱼”(Steamed Fresh Fish)

酱/醋 marinated 如“酱鸡”(Marinated Chicken)

卤 spicy; stewed in gravy 如“卤鸭”(Spicy Duck)

涮 instant-boiled 如“涮羊肉”(Instant-Boiled Mutton Slices)

酿 stuffed 如“酿青椒”(Stuffed Green Pepper)

烤 roast; barbecued 如“烤鹅”(Roast Goose)

清蒸 steamed(in clear soup) 如“清蒸桂鱼”(Steamed Mandarin Fish)

清炖 stewed in clear soup 如“清炖甲鱼”(Stewed Turtle in Clear Soup)

白灼/嫩煮 scalded 如“白灼海虾”(Scalded Prawns)

红烧 braised in brown sauce 如“红烧蹄筋”(Braised Pork Tendon in Brown Sauce)

干烧 in pepper sauce 如“干烧干贝”(Scallop in Pepper Sauce)

麻辣 with hot pepper 如“麻辣豆腐”(Bean Curd with Hot Pepper/Spice Bean Curd)

酱爆 in bean sauce 如“酱爆肉丁”(Diced Pork in Bean Sauce)

鱼香 in(spicy)garlic sauce 如“鱼香肉丝”(Shredded Pork in Garlic Sauce)

糖醋 with sweet and sour sauce 如“糖醋排骨”(Spareribs with Sweet and Sour Sauce)

宫保 with chili and peanuts 如“宫保鸡丁”(Diced Chicken with Chili and Peanuts)

脆皮 crisp(in spicy sauce) 如“脆皮鱼”(Crisp Fish)

香酥 crisp fried 如“香酥鸡”(Crisp Fried Chicken)

焦熘 fried in sauce 如“焦熘鱼片”(Fried Fish Slices in Sauce)

甜酸 sweet and sour 如“甜酸肉”(Sweet & Sour Pork)

胡辣 with pepper and chili 如“胡辣海参”(Sea Slug with Pepper and Chili)

油淋 drip-fried with oil 如“油淋兔”(Drip-Fried Rabbit with oil)

干煸 dry-sautéed 如“干煸季豆”(Dry-Sautéed String Beans)

盐水 boiled in salt water 如“盐水虾”(Boiled Shrimps in Slat Water)

家常 home style 如“家常豆腐”(Bean Curd Home Style)

陈皮 with spicy orange peel 如“陈皮鸡”(Chicken in Spicy Orange Peel)

回锅 double-sauteed 如“回锅肉”(Double-Sauteed Pork Slices)

五香 spiced 如“五香牛肉”(Spiced Beef)

干炸 dry deep-fried 如“干炸羊肉”(Dry Deep-fried Lamp Breast)

软炸 soft deep-fried 如“软炸里脊“(Soft-Fried Pork Fillet)

酥炸 crisp deep-fried 如“酥炸羊脯”(Crisp Fried Lamb Breast)

串烤 skewered 如“串烤羊肉青椒”(Skewered Mutton with Green Pepper)

铁扒grilled 如“铁扒乳鸽”(Grilled Baby Pigeon)

烧烤 roast 如“烤乳猪”(Roast Suckling Pig)

砂锅 in casserole 如“砂锅鱼翅”(Shark’s Fin in Casserole)

锅巴 with sizzling/crispy rice crust 如“锅巴海参”(Sea Slug with Sizzling/Crispy Rice Crust)

芙蓉 with egg white 如“芙蓉海参”(Sea Cucumbers with Egg White)

麻酱 with sesame paste 如“麻酱海参”(Beche-de-mer with Sesame Paste)

三鲜 with two other delicacies 如“三鲜海参”(Sea Cucumbers with Other Two Delicacies)

醋溜 sautéed in vinegar sauce/gravy 如“醋溜白菜”(Sautéed Cabbage in Vinegar Sauce/Gravy)

糟溜 in distilled grains sauce 如“糟溜鸡片”(Sliced Chicken in Distilled Grains Sauce)

凉拌in soy sauce 如“凉拌海蜇”(Jellyfish in Soy Sauce)

酸辣hot and sour 如“酸辣黄瓜”(Hot and Sour Cucumber)

姜汁in ginger sauce 如“姜汁扁豆”(Snap Beans in Ginger Sauce)

蚝油 in oyster sauce 如“蚝油香菇”(Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce)

蒜泥 with mashed garlic 如“蒜泥胡豆”(Broad Beans with Mashed Garlic)

什锦 mixed; assorted 如“什锦丝冬粉”(Assorted Shreds with Vermicelli)

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