How should I use 够 as a verb?

verb 够

够 can be used as an adverb, verb and adjective. In this post, we are learning the use of 够 as a verb. When used as a verb, 够 has the following basic meanings.

1. 够 reach sth. with one’s hand, etc.: mostly used together with and , for example:

By standing on tiptoe, I can just reach the shelf.  跷着脚我刚能够着那个架子。

Just as the rescuer reached the drowning man, the latter went under for the third time and was never seen again. 正当那位营救者够着弱水者的时候,溺水者第三回沉了下去,从此再也未见到他露出水面。

He twists his other leg on the wolf’s back but can’t reach its vital part — the eyes. 另一只爪只能无望地在狼背上挥舞,却无法它的要害部位–眼睛。

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to reach the stars in the sky. 从前,有个小姑娘,总想够到天上的星星。

2. 够 be up to/reach a certain point, degree, standard, etc. for example:

to reach the standard; to be qualified 条件

It looked quite reasonable to me actually, but he said it wasn’t good enough.He thought the reading had gone down a bit too much. 依我看,这实际上是正常现象。但他说还不太标准。他认为读数降低得太多了一点。

This easy-to-read guide is addressed to those who meet the qualifications. 这本容易读懂的手册是为那些够格的人准备的。

I hope in the future, I will have the opportunity to join you when I am qualified. 希望以后当我够格时,还有加入贵公司的机会。

I need another year of experience before I’m eligible .

A good and qualified diplomat should not be considered loose cannon.  一位水平的外交官,不会毫不克制地直言不讳。

3. 够 suffice: often used in the structure of noun + 就够了 or …够 + verb + 了

For individuals below the top level, quarterly reviews may be enough. 对于高层以下的人员,每季度进行一次检查可能够了

Two hours is enough for us to complete the work. 我们完成这项工作两个小时够了

That will be enough for the present; if I need any more I will let you know. 那暂且已经够用了,如果我还要,我会告诉你的。

It’ll be enough for five people.

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