How to use the colon 怎用使用冒号?

How to use the colon?

A colon usually indicates a pause after a cue or suggestion, or indicates a hint for the following context or summarizes the anterior context.

A colon is used in the following cases:

Used after the general or suggestive words to prompt for the following context 用于总说性或提示性词语后


北京紫禁城有四座城门:武门、神武门、东华门、西华门。The Forbidden City in Beijing has four gates: Wu gate, north gate, Donghua gate, Xihua gate.

她高兴地说:“我们去好好庆祝一下吧”。She said happily, “let’s go and celebrate”.

Used to summarize the above-mentioned points 用于总结上文

张华考上了北京大学;李萍进了中等技术学校;我在百货公司当售货员:我们都有光明的前途。Zhang Hua admitted to Peking University; Li Pingjin went to a secondary technical school; I worked as a shop assistant in a department store: we all have a bright future.

Used after the words that need to be explained, introducing further details o explanations 用于需要解释的词语后边,表示引出解释或说明。






After the address forms of a letter or speech. 用在书信、讲话稿中称谓语或称呼语之后。

同志们,朋友们:现在开会了……Comrades, friends: We are meeting now.


A colon can not be used in a sentence in which there is already one. If the second colon is necessary, a new sentence must be made.

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