How to use the comma 怎样使用逗号?

How to use the comma 怎样使用逗号❓

The comma in Chinese is the most frequently used punctuation mark. Furthermore, it’s also the most difficult to use among all the punctuation marks in Chinese.

A comma indicates a general pause interval in a sentence and it divides a sentence into meaning groups. In Chinese, a comma is used in the following cases:

When a pause between a subject and a predicate is needed within a sentence 当句中的主语和谓语之间需要停顿时


这所学校的学生大部分是外国学生。Most of the students in this school are foreign students.

我昨天晚上吃的晚餐一点都不好吃。The dinner I had last night was not good at all.

When a pause between the verb and the object is needed within the sentence 当句中的谓语和宾语之间需要停顿时


后来我才知道他对我说的话是假话。I just knew later that what the told me was a lie.

你要知道想考入这所大学需要付出很多努力。You know, it takes a lot of effort to get into this university.

When a pause after the adverbial at the beginning of the sentence is needed 句首的状语之后


对于这位教授她并不陌生。She is no stranger to the professor.

关于那件事情他有自己的观点。On that matter, he has his own point of view.

For a pause between the clauses within a complex sentence, a comma must be used besides the semicolon 复句内各分句之间的停顿,除了有时要用分号外,都要用逗号


要是不相信我们的理论能反映现实要是不相信我们的世界有内在和谐那就不可能有科学。If we do not believe that our theory can reflect the reality, if we do not believe that our world has inner harmony, there can be no science.

Used after a long subject 用在较长的主语后


苏州园林建筑各种门窗的精美设计和碉楼功夫都让人叹为观止。The exquisite design and engraving of a variety of doors and windows of the architecture of The Classical Gardens of Suzhou are really stunning.

Used before a long object 用在较长的宾语前


许多学者认为这些在中国南方刚出土的文物可以追溯到几千年前。Many scholars believe that these relics newly unearthed in southern China can be traced back thousands of years ago.

Between several long subjects 用在较长的主语之间



Mother’s painful telling, as well as the fact she witnessed, have inspired the idea of pursuing the truth in my childhood.

Between several long predicates 用在较长的谓语之间


那姑娘头戴草帽身穿一定绿色的裙子腰间还系者一跟红色的腰带。(戴, 穿 and系 are three predicates)The girl wears a straw hat,  a green dress, and also a red waist belt.

Between several long objects 用在较长的宾语之间


必须懂得,对于文化传统既不能不分青红皂白统统抛弃也不能不管精华糟粕全盘继承。We must understand that, for cultural traditions, we can not indiscriminately abandon all, neither can we inherit overall, essence or dross.

After a prepositive predicate 用在前置的谓语之后


真高啊上海的金茂大厦。Really high, Shanghai Jinmao Tower.

Before a postpositive adverbial 用在后置的状语之前


他吃力地站了起来慢慢地。He struggled to stand up, slowly.

Before a postpositive attribute 用在后置的定语之前


我只是一个人孤孤单单的。I’m just a man, alone.

Used after the modal particle if there is any within the sentence 用在句内语气词之后


他呢倒是很乐意地,全神贯注地干起来了。He, however, was glad to be absorbed in the work.

Used between the coordinate elements with modal particles 用在句内带语气词的并列成分之间


八月的大街上摆满了水果,像甜瓜啊西瓜啊苹果啊葡萄啊……The streets of August are filled with fruits like melons, watermelons, apples, grapes …

Used between double-reference elements or parentheses 用在复指成分或插说成分之后


王明我的小学同学,高中毕业后就出国了。Wang Ming, my primary school classmate, went abroad after graduating from high school.

他,不用说一定又买彩票了。He, needless to say, must have bought a lottery ticket.

Used after an exclamation, appellation or address with moderated tone. 语气缓和的感叹语,称谓语,或呼唤语之后。


哎呦疼死我了,快给我看看。Oh, it hurts me, give me a quick look.

大爷您需要帮助吗?Grandpa, do you need help?

您是哪位?Hello, who are you?

Used after words of sequence 用在次序语之后



In a word, a comma is used between the meaning groups within a sentence. A comma indicates a pause less than a semicolon greater than a comma.





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