Prefix 多 and its formula

Prefix 多 and its formula

The prefix 多 can be attached in with nouns to form adjectives. Check out its formula and examples.

Formula of the prefix 多

多 + one-character noun = adjective


多 + 样 type = 多样 diverse

The production possibilities for a nation are diverse. 一个国家的生产可能性是复杂多样的。       

多 + 边 boundary; edge; side; border = 多边 multilateral, many-sided

Agriculture trade policy issues have, however, been largely excluded from earlier multilateral trade negotiations. 但在以往的多边贸易谈判中,农产品贸易政策问题大部分没有涉及。

多 + 维 dimension = 多维 multidimensional

His approach is to create what he calls a “multidimensional mathematical decision space of possible behaviour actions”. 他的方法是建立一个他称为的“可能行为行动上的多维数学决断空间”。

多 + 级 level = 多级 multilevel

Second, the surveillance of unitary multilevel system of investor representation is to be strengthened. 第二,加强对一元多级出资代表机构的监督。

All-dimensional, multi-level and wide-ranging opening pattern. 全方位、多级、宽领域的对外开放格局。

多 + 极 polar = 多极 multi-polar  

The global economy is transforming into a multipolar environment. 全球经济正在向一种多极局面转变。

多 + two-character noun = adjective


多 + 视角 perspective = 多视角 multi-perspective  

A Multi-Perspective Study of Young University Teachers’ Psychological Problems 高校青年教师心理问题多视角研究。

多 + 媒体 media = 多媒体 multimedia

Delivery of an interactive multimedia experience over a network to a large audience is no longer a dream . 通过网络向大量用户提供互动多媒体体验不再是梦。

多 + 频道 channel = 多频道  multi-channel  

Design and Application of Multi-Channel Digital Broadcasting System at TV Station. 电视台多频道数字播控系统的设计与应用。

多 + 序列 sequence = 多序列 multi-sequence

Making multiple sequence alignments is one of the more commonplace procedures in modern biology. 制作多序列对齐是一个比较常见的现代生物学程序。

多 + 功能 function = 多功能 multifunctional, multi-function  

Some landmark IT buildings will be built, which can serve as multi-function centers for the Olympic Games. 规划和建设奥运信息标志性建筑,承担奥运会的多功能应用

多 + 层次 layer = 多层次 multilayered

Construction of a multi-layer social security system. 建立多层次的社会保障制度。

多 + 视角 = 多视角 multi-angular

It is not difficult to give your whole house an instant cleaning: you only need to press lightly the Button of the multiangular vacuum cleaner. 要让你家的每一个角落即刻清洁,这并不难,只要轻轻地启动多角度吸尘器的开关就行了。

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