Radical 王: 王 really has to do with King?

Radical 王: 王 really has to do with King?

Why are many Chinese families so fond of characters with 王 such as 珍, 琼, 琪, 珂, 环, 佩, 玑, 玛, 玥, 玹, 玨, 玲, 珑, 瑙, 珊, 瑚, 珍, 珠 etc when they name their children?

You see all these characters share the radical 王 wáng (literally king). Chinese families like these characters because of the literal meaning of 王?The answer is No!

Actually, characters with 王 as semantic part have nothing to do with king but with jade. When 玉 act as semantic component in semantic right-phonetic left characters, it is written as 王. Characters with 王 in the left side relate to jade, jade-like things or precious things.


The radical 王 is actually the semantic component of 玉.  王 in Characters such as 旺, 汪, 望, etc are not radical but phonetic component.

See also the component jade

See also the component

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