Same characters in different order BA≠AB but BA is for the use of AB

BA=use of AB

In the Chinese language, there are some very special words composed of two characters, and If the order of the characters is reversed, the meaning of the new word BA is just for the use of the word AB. 

BA≠AB but BA is for the use of AB


羊圈 a sheepfold; a sheep-pen; a sheepcote 《=》 圈羊 to pen the sheep

铺盖 bedclothes《=》盖铺 to cover sth. with

铁锤 Hammer《=》锤铁 to hammer iron

门锁 locker 《=》锁门 to lock the door

锅盖 pot cover《=》盖锅 to cover the pot

瓶塞 bottle plug 《=》塞瓶 to plug the bottle

牙刷 teeth brush《=》刷牙 to brush the teeth

床罩 a bed cover《=》罩床 to cover the bed

手套 glove《=》套手 to cover hands

口罩 mask《=》罩口 to cover the mouth

鞋垫 insole《=》垫鞋 to pad the shoes

水车 waterwheel《=》车水 to draw water with the waterwheel

风扇 fan, blower《=》扇风 to fan the air

奶牛 milking cow =》牛奶 milk

蜜蜂 a honey-bee =》蜂蜜 honey

鱼网 fishing net《=》网鱼 to fish

笔架 pen holder《=》架笔 to hold the pen

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