Set phrases to express very few o little

Set phrases to express very few o little

There are plenty of set phrases to express “very many, very much, lots, etc”. Meanwhile, there are unignorable set phrases to describe “very few o little”

寥寥无几 very few left; a meager amount of; thin on the ground; scanty; sparse

凤毛麟角 (precious and rare as) phoenix feathers and unicorn horns

九牛一毛 a single hair out of nine ox hides; an iota from a vast quantity; a drop in the bucket

屈指可数 can be counted on one’s fingers; very few

绝无仅有 the only one of its kind; unique; singular of its kind; very rare

寥若晨星 as sparse as the morning stars; few and far between

微乎其微 very little; next to nothing; as trifling as it is; extremely trifling and minute

不可多得 hard to come by; bare

空前绝后 unprecedented and unrepeatable; without precedent and following up; unique; not equaled before or after

三三两两 in twos and threes; by twos and threes; by ones and twos

沧海一粟 a grain of corn in the wide sea; a drop in the ocean; a speck in a vast ocean; a drop from a limitless ocean; a drop in the bucket

一星半点 a tiny bit; a very small amount; just a little

独一无二 one and only; unique; unparalleled; unmatched; exclusive

寥寥可数 just a sprinkling of; very few

门可罗雀 1. You can catch sparrows on the doorstep. 2. Where visitors are few and far between

尺寸之功 little contribution

量小力微 few in number and weak in strength

所剩无几 There’s very little left

半丝半缕 half silk and half wisp; describe something that is small and of extremely small value.

零零星星 odds and ends; by twos and threes

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