什么~不~ Don’t care at all

什么~不~ Don't care at all

什么 is a word that can be used before a noun or by itself to indicate who or what. But it has a special use when it appears in this formula.

Formula of 什么~不~

什么+ verb/adjective/noun  不  verb/adjective/noun = No matter…/I don’t care…/It doesn’t matter …/It has nothing to do with…

Here is a dialogue:

A. 这门课好难啊!This subject is very difficult!

B. 什么难不难的,我一定会学好的。 No matter how hard it is, I make sure to learn it well.

More examples:

什么谢不谢,都是一家人。Don’t mention thanks. We are all a family.

什么山区不山区,去哪儿都行。It doesn’t matter whether it is a mountain or not, I can go anywhere.

什么通过不通过,他才不在乎呢。He doesn’t give a shit whether they approve of him or not.

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