Suffix 化 and its formula

The suffix 化 is very important. It can turn nouns or adjectives into verbs. Just use it to enlarge your vocabulary!

Formula of the suffix 化

A noun + 化 = a verb ending with -ize or -ify


氧 oxide + 化 = 氧化 oxidize

Water oxidizes some metals, producing rust. 水使一些金属氧化,从而生锈。

氯 chlorine + 化 = 氯化 chlorinate

Trainings on cholera treatment and initiatives to chlorinate water for 300 000 people had to be postponed. 霍乱治疗方面的培训活动以及向30万人提供氯化水的行动不得不推迟进行。

汽 vapor + 化 = 汽化 vaporize, evaporate

Some propellant droplets may not evaporate within the confines of the thrust chamber. 有些推进剂可能在推力室内并未汽化.

液 liquid + 化 = 液化 liquefy

Chlorine is usually liquefied before use or storage. 氯在使用和贮存以前通常要液化

神 deity + 化 = 神化 deify

Attempt to deify the man known as the great man who should be the ulterior motives of the person or people with some kind of complex. 企图把伟人神化的人应该是别有用心之人或者有着某种情结的人。

工业 industry + 化 = 工业化 industrialize

This formula of the suffix 化 can apply to many chemical elements such as 硫化 vulcanize,钙化 calsify,碳化 carbonize,铝化 calorize, 碘化 iodizate etc.

An adjective + 化 = a verb ending with -ize or -ify

绿化 绿化

美 beauty + 化 = 美化 beautify

We should spare no effort to beautify our environment. 我们应该不遗余力的美化我们的环境。

老 old + 化 = 老化 age/grow old

The aging phenomenon coincided with oxygen absorption. 老化现象与氧的吸收密切相关。

丑 ugly + 化 = 丑化 uglify

Patricia knows that she’s unique because she could uglify herself 帕特丽夏知道她是独一无二的,因为她能使自已丑化

简 simple + 化 = 简化 simplify

Try to simplify your explanation for the children. 尽量简化你给孩子的解释。

固 solid + 化 = 固化 solidify

The force between a pair of helium atoms is so weak that helium does not solidify at all. 一对氦原子之间的作用力微弱得使氦根本不能固化

现代 modern + 化 = 现代化 modernize

For China to modernize its economy, it must further industrialize, and urbanize . 为了使经济现代化,中国必须扩大工业化和城市化。

女性 feminine + 化 = 女性化 feminize

Getting a higher smile line would do more to feminize her smile. 将笑线抬高可以产生更好的女性化效果。

自动 automatic + 化 = 自动化 automate

Alternatively, you can use triggers to automate parts of the change detection process. 或者,也可以使用触发器使部分变化检测过程自动化

国有 national + 化 = 国有化 nationalize

Second, immediately nationalize insolvent institutions. 其次,立即国有化资不抵债的金融机构。

电气 electrical + 化 = 电气化 electrify

Signal-phase AC traction power supply system is applied in electrified railway. 我国电气化铁路采用单相工频交流牵引供电系统。

Most of the Chinese verbs formed by the suffix 化 can be translated into English verbs ending with “-ize” or “-ify”.

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