What is Mandarin Chinese?


Chinese characters constitute the oldest continuously used system of writing in the world and are among the most widely adopted writing systems in the world. They were originally created according to the images of the objective things such as water, mountain, fire, person, tree, sky, etc. Later on, more characters were created upon the human and social development, because the pictograms couldn’t express subjunctive or abstract things such as thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Chinese characters have gone through different phases in writing and the meanings of the characters also have evolved until the modern Chinese.



Chinese is a language very different from other languages. Because of the differences, many people think Chinese is very difficult to learn. Decode Mandarin Chinese focuses on finding out the differences and helping students find them out on their own and get used to them. Decode Mandarin Chinese highly emphasizes the importance of cultivating students’ special abilities to learn Chinese, for instance, the ability to observe, imagine, compare, summarize, etc. Decode Mandarin Chinese has been working on helping Chinese learners to learn Chinese systematically, analytically, and efficiently. With Decode Mandarin Chinese you can learn more, faster and better in less time. Decode Mandarin Chinese never stops learning to make Chinese learning easier and easier.

Chinese characters seem very difficult and mysterious to foreigners. Actually, Chinese is a language originated from the life and developed in the life. As has been mentioned above, Chinese characters are closely related to the objective things and people’s life, and only by knowing the internal relations between them, can the foreign students learn Chinese well. To Decode these relations is what Decode Mandarin Chinese does.